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Corporate background Mountain Dew has been through many changes since it was introduced in 1942. It started out as a yellow-green drink in a green bottle that had a rush of citrus flavor and more sugar and caffeine than any other soft drink. During the introduction of Mountain Dew it was well known throughout the Eastern seaboard. At this time the objectives was to gain market share. Mountain Dew became popular because of the stock car racing circuit known as NASCAR. During the 1960s Mountain Dew’s objective was too continued with its heritage from where it originated and began having characters such as Willie to promote the brand. By the 1970s the Mountain Dew brand was assigned BBDO, and the objective for the ad agency was to…show more content…
Also another opportunity is to come up with a new target market to reach new consumers. The number one threat is the innovation of new drink categories that is stealing away market share from Mountain Dew. Not being able tot stay competitive in this category can make or break a company. I think that the major competitors of Mountain Dew are faced with this same issue. I’m sure they are coming up with new ideas to compete with the new products and drink categories. Target Market Coming up with a target market that is consistent with Mountain Dew varies from decade to decade. Each Decade brings new cultural trend. Mountain Dew has done an excellent job at keeping up with these trends and targeting consumers that make their product something they can relate too. Right now Mountain Dew’s target market is male teens 18 years of age. Also trying to keep the brand appealing and create a cross-over appeal among the 20-39 year old males. The type of buyer that Mountain Dew is targeting is one who has an exhilarating lifestyle and associated with extreme sports. The characteristics of this buyer would be a male in his teens that wants to fit in and be associated with sports. Also this buyer wants to make you think he lives life on the edge and drinks carbonated soft drinks for energy. Mountain Dew’s marketing mix is strong due to the continual growth in sales. The

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