Movie Marketing

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CONTENTS Media, messages and styles used by Indian marketing communicators of Films 1. Overview of Indian Film Industry and Market 2. 4Ps concept applied on the movie industry as a whole 3. Overview of the film making business 4. Classification of movies from a producer’s or distributor’s point of view 5. Classification of movies as products 6. Publicity of movies 7. How different media is used for publicity of movies? 8. Alterative marketing methods 9. Music as a promotion tool 10. Hollywood marketing strategies in India 11. Messages and styles used for promotion of films 12. Bibliography Objective: To find out the Media, messages and styles used by Indian marketing…show more content…
A movie product is the intellectual property that can be ported to a variety of deliverables: theatrical exhibit, non-theatrical exhibit, video tapes, DVDs, CDs of the soundtrack, collectible editions, television and cable broadcast, Internet-served etc. Then there is merchandising such as clothing, toys, games, posters. Another product dimension is that of franchise rights, endorsements, product placements and a host of offshoots that are bought and sold, leased and rented. The movie business is one of the most complexes in the communications industry because of its creativity, its diversity and its continual explosions of technological delivery options. PRICE At first glance, pricing in the movie industry seems very standardized. At any multiplex is cinema hall, a movie ticket costs the same for all movies, doesn’t it? But if we look into the broader definition of the movie product just defined, then the prices fluctuate widely. A distribution contract can be structured in many ways that result in very different returns for the producer, the key creative talent, and even the distributor. Elements that are negotiated include: ♣ Theatrical release schedules ♣ Territories and market segments ♣ Revenue splits, percentages and order of payment ♣ Promotion budgets (P&A) Apart from these pre consumer stage pricing differences, we see a wide range of pricing structures
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