The Typical and Traditional Form of Marketing a Film Towards an Audience

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Film companies have excelled in how well they can and are able to distribute and market their films and this is because of the introduction of new technologies. These technologies include: Official websites and blog sites, press and public previews, online competitions, phone apps and social networking sites. The typical and traditional form of marketing a film towards an audience would be in the form of film posters and trailers but as technologies have advanced so has marketing methods. For example for one of my case studies, The Avengers have really interesting methods which engages their audience on their website which has direct links to their social networking pages including Facebook and Twitter. This form of cross media convergence – using social networking sites to promote the film has a huge impact on the film industry and audiences for example for the film industry its very cheap, they can easily target their intended global audience and they can add a range of content to tease the audience to get them excited for the release of the film like uploading short clips, behind the scenes and trailers. It is also beneficial for the audience as it gets people more engaged with the film, they can share experiences with friends and keep up to date with recent updates and news. Also film companies tend to use competitions as a form of marketing to the audience for example on the official website of the woman in black the audience got the chance to write a scary ghost story
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