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The movie that I chose to do my movie analysis on is Rocky. I chose to do my analysis on Rocky, because I grew up watching this movie and it really taught me and my brothers a lot about giving other people opportunities and it also helped us define what it actually means to win. My first time ever watching Rocky was around the time I was in the 4th grade. I must have been nine or ten years old, and of course I didn't understand boxing, I just loved watching movies. I actually don’t know why, but I was always interested in this movie. I have very vibrant memories of the music in the movie and how it made me feel. I remember looking up to the Rocky character as a hero, because he was tough and overcame many battles. Even at that time, I understood the underdog theme the movie had, even if I didn't understand what exactly an underdog was.
Rocky is a boxing movie, starring Sylvester Stallone and directed by John Avildsen. The heavy weight champion, Apollo Creed, made an announcement planning to hold a title bout in Philadelphia during an event called the United States Bicentennial. However, someone informed him that his opponent that he was scheduled to fight was unable to compete due to an injured hand. Creed decided to give a local contender a chance to fight him, because the other replacements were unavailable. He eventually settled for Rocky Balboa, who was a below average boxer from an Italian neighborhood of Philadelphia. Rocky agreed to the fight, because he was told that he would be paid $150,000 for the fight.
The fight between Apollo Creed and Rocky was held on New Year’s Day. Creed made a rather dramatic entrance for a boxing fight. He was dressed as George Washington and eventually changed and was dressed as Uncle Sam. Rocky took advantage of Creed’s overconfidence and knocked him down in the first round. That was the very first time Apollo Creed was ever knocked down. Creed was humiliated and began to take the fight against Rocky serious. The fight went on for the full 15 rounds and both of the fighters came out of the fight with many injuries. The most notable injuries were: Rocky had a broken nose and Apollo Creed had brutal damage to his ribs and also had internal bleeding. As the match

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