Much Ado About Nothing: Similarities Between Beatrice And Hero

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Beatrice and Hero, they both seem to be different in the very beginning but, as things progress and their characters change, there are some very noticeable similarities between them. Beatrice and Hero have a close relationship, they are best friends. Hero's father is Leonato but Beatrice has no mom and dad, which gives her more freedom. Hero is polite, quiet, humble, and calm, Beatrice is energetic, sarcastic, clever, and sharp. Shakespeare tends to use lots of literary strategies and methods to show the characters of Beatrice and Hero in a way that lets the viewers compare and contrast them. For an example, the portrayal of Beatrice and Hero, the discussion used and what they say, how the characters say it, and what the other characters say about them and Hero's quietness are all significant in showing their characters. In a similar way, their actions and what the …show more content…

In this scene, the time of Hero's wedding, it is revealed that Hero is having feelings, and additional growth of her character. "God give me joy to wear it for my heart is exceedingly heavy" Hero says. This is theatrical irony because Hero feels the wedding could go badly but it is a reminder to the viewers about Claudio's plan to embarrass Hero in the following scene. The viewers also find out that Beatrice is infatuated, Hero asks: "Do you speak in the sick tune?" Beatrice is passive and Margaret also plugs in the amusing space and provides the wittiness making jokes towards Beatrice. "God send everyone their heart's desire!" Margaret says, suggesting that she sees what Beatrice's soul wants. Margaret starts to makes unclear references to Beatrice's new attitude; she says that Beatrice should take some "Carduus Benedictus" for her sickness. Act 4 Scene 1 is super significant basically because there is an important change in the mood, from joking to potential heartbreak, as Don John's nasty idea to ruin the wedding

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