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Multi-modal Script - Marketing Ladies and gentlemen welcome, today we will discuss this year’s annual fund raiser which was held last week, and the concern of poor number of attendees that came to this year’s event will be the main focal point being conversed. The Jeannie’s annual fund raiser aims to assist people in the wider community by offering financial assistance for things such as medical equipment/supplies and the financial aid for the opportunity for these people to participate in community events such as sporting, environmental and humanitarian activities. With this all being said, for an event like this to be successful, a large number of people have to attend to raise the adequate funds to make a difference for the Jeannie’s group. Recently the event has been experiencing less number of people each year. This comes down to some major concerning reasons, one being the lack of promotion to support this year’s event held for Jeannie’s and also past events. The lack of promotion and advertising of the annual fundraiser has led to the downfall we saw with the turnout of people this year, with next to know one knowing the event was on before the day it was held, how could it have possible raised these much needed funds. Social media and other online networks are a very powerful way in promoting events in this age of technology. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube have been proven to boost people attending events and recognition of events. Using

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