Multicultural Counseling Annotated Bibliography

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Multicultural Counseling
Annotated Bibliography

Anua, A. A., Mohd Jadadin R. A. (2016). Development and Evaluation of Multicultural Counseling Competences (MCC) training Module for trainee Counselors. Journal of Asia Pacific Counseling, 6(1), 41-50. Doi:10.18401.2016.6.1.3
Multicultural counseling competencies (MCC) module is designed to train counselors on Multicultural competences. “The main objective of the MCC training module is to (a) increase the MCC level; (b) build awareness among counselors about the assumptions, values and biases towards other cultures; (c) improve the understanding of the client’s worldview and different culture; and (d) train counselors to identify strategies and appropriate interventions as well as techniques in working with clients from different cultures”. (Anuar, Mohd Jaladin, 2016) The 18-hour course has 11 activities and 5 sub-modules based on the Addie system. “The modules 3 main characteristics are based on 1) awareness of the counselor of assumptions, values, and biases; 2) understanding of the cultural worldview of different clients; and 3) developing intervention strategies and techniques accordingly. The three dimensions are 1) belief/attitude, 2) knowledge, and 3) skills. Through this matrix formula, the nine main competencies have been identified” (Lee, 2008; Minami, 2008; Sue et al., 1992; Wendt & Gone, 2011)
The journal article discussed the use of Multicultural training modules as a part of the formal
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