Music In Music, Music And The Music Industry

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Music is an art, an expression, an industry, and most importantly a business. Davis Szatmary, author of “Rockin’ in Time,” states, “[r]ock-and-roll has always been a business” (2014, p. xvi). Music connects to my business major through its relations of marketing, management, and supply chain, or distribution. Without these key components bands, labels, and technology may have never grown to the heights its reached today. The biggest contender in music development, outside of its sound, is the way the labels and managers chose to market their music and the artist. The best example of this change is seen in the (now known as) Beatles. Starting out the Beatles were otherwise known as Johnny and the Moondogs or The Quarrymen. Not only did their name change but so did their sound and their style. The Quarrymen had a rockabilly sound and traveled to local bars to play. Later, as the Beatles they had a more R&B style and a greaser look, which was again changed by their manager Brian Epstein. Their new image was mods, a popular prep style in the United Kingdom. (Gordon, 2017, “The British Invasion”) This served them well and their fan base grew quickly. The Beatles continue to change throughout their career, marketing themselves to match the times and the new trends. Szatmary explains, “Though a business, rock music has engendered and has been defined by rebellion, which manifested itself through a series of overlapping subcultures. Youths used rock-and-roll as a way to band
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