My Artistic Identity

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My artwork is a representation of my shadow portrait/profile. This portrait is displayed next to a window view. My artwork looks like my portrait is viewing a world beyond constraints of the window and longs to be at one with nature. The title of my artwork is Optimistic Reflections. The elements of art incorporated in my work include line, shape, and colour. Geometric shapes and a variation of lines (diagonal, wavy, etc.) were used for the patterns/zentangles. Organic shapes/ free flowing shapes were incorporated to produce the portrait shadow outline. The colour of the collaged images represents my optimistic personality. As well, the dark purple background represents a gloomier atmosphere which my positive portrait is attempting to eliminate. …show more content…

For example, my name is featured and collaged within the artwork. This artwork is busy and therefore, accurately represents me because my mind is constantly filled with thoughts. The portrait outline symbolizes my physical presence as an artist but, shows that the portrait is filled with these smaller images that come together to make me the person that I am. The message of my artwork is about having hope and never giving up. For example, surrounding yourself with internal positive thoughts will bring out the best in you. My identity contrasts with the background (a symbol of the outside world). It is the idea of colour vs. black and white. This colour contrast shows that my identity shines in any circumstance. My artwork represents this message because it demonstrates the qualities of patience and that art is a creative process. It also shows that it may take a few times and/or drafts to create any artwork, but that in the end, it was due to patience and techniques that the final product is …show more content…

I learned how to effectively use mixed media and how to incorporate may principles and elements of art within an artwork. The final product is indeed what I envisioned. Although, as my ideas developed, I added a window frame outline to the background. This gives the artwork another aspect to view and it adds to the mixed media effect. This piece will influence my future artworks because I have honed my skills and techniques of art. I hope to be able to apply these wonderful skills to many more artworks to

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