My Birthday Celebration

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A birthday is a special occasion you celebrate and you make it fun and exciting with all your family and friends but my birthday was quite bizarre. It was memorial day my 16th birthday was supposed to be special and memorable, but that morning I wasn't feeling it I felt like it was just another normal day. That same morning my parents woke me up by singing me the birthday song with my siblings. After they congratulate they told me to get ready because we were going to go to Galveston and celebrate my birthday we began to get everything ready the grill, fajitas, salsa, tortillas, etc. it was a sunny morning the weather wasn't too bad and it felt great to be out in the ocean. Meanwhile, we arrived we got everything down my aunt and my mom began to heat up the grill everyone else went inside the water and hanged around but me and my friend Alexis we decided we would take a walk for a while and then go back and eat with everyone else. While we walked around I was sharing with her how I felt and that I wasn’t enjoying my birthday she told me “Nana you shouldn’t feel like it’s not special, you have your family with you and they made an effort to celebrate your big day and they are with you that’s the most important thing that you have to be grateful for” when she told me this I realized that she was right that I was fortunate to have my…show more content…
We began to pick up all the trash and start packing everything to head back home it took us couple of minutes to finish getting everything inside the cars, they gave me my presents and they sanged the birthday song we ate cake then once everybody finished eating their small piece of cupcake eventually left. When we all got inside the truck I was sitting by the window and noticed that the waves got bigger and stronger but I thought that it was just the tides since it was getting
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