My Child Development 301 Class At Grand Valley State University Essay

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For my Child Development 301 class at Grand Valley State University we were assigned a project where we each had to choose a child to observe/test between the ages of five and twelve years of age. The purpose of this assignment was to give us hands on experience observing and testing a child and also to relate to the material that we have learned in this class. We tested the child on their current social, moral, memory and cognitive areas of development. The child I tested is a girl named Andrea who is eleven years old and in the fourth grade. Social Development The first area of development I tested was social development. The question I asked Andrea dealt with the concept of friendship. I asked her “what makes someone a friend?” She took a while to respond because she was trying to figure out what to say. I prompted her by saying “there is no right or wrong answer just answer what you think makes someone a friend”. She answered “a friend is someone who is nice and kind.” Since this was all she said I asked her “who is one of your best friends, and why are they your friend?” She answered “Alana is my best friend and we always sit by each other at lunch. I trust her and we talk about how we feel and play games together.” In our handout given by our professor there is a section titled What Is a Friend that states, “80 percent of the 10- to 11-year-olds thought friends should be ‘nice to one another and help each other’”. Andrea fits into this category since

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