My Clinical Placement For The University Hospital 's Internal Medicine Essay

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My clinical placement for the fall 2016 is in the UW Health East Clinic’s Internal Medicine, which is located in 5249 E. Terrace Drive, Madison, WI. The UW East Clinic operates under the healthcare entities of the UW Medical Foundation. The purpose of this paper is to explore practice setting of the internal medicine and role of my preceptor.
Practice Setting The Internal Medicine providers offer comprehensive diagnostic and primary care services to general population. The providers are involved in treating complex medical problems, the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses, gynecological care, urgent care, and minor surgery. The staff members, demographics of patient population, payers system, and practice policies of the Internal Medicine is discussed below:
Staff Members
The team of the Internal medicine is composed of both physicians and non-physician health professionals such as nurse practitioners (NPs). The other team members include clinic manager, registered nurses, medical assistants, and schedulers. The physician are the primary care provider of the patient, while the nurse practitioners are the part of the care team. The registered nurses (RNs) worked as a triage nurse in the triage call center. The triage RNs are involved in triaging phone calls and scheduling appointment for treatment accordingly, patient education such as wound care and diabetes care, communication for medication refills through MyChart, and patient follow-up for
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