My Computer Skills Through Microsoft Certifications Or Apple Certificates

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As many people know, technology and computers, no matter the size, all operate about the same. Yes, there might be some advancement for different devices, however, when it comes to general cleaning of the software which everyone uses, most people can’t even tell you where to begin. Now, with a general how to guide, anyone will be able to show off to friends and family just how simple such actions for general maintenance of one’s electronic devices can be. In this brief how to guide, the problem we will be solving will be how to clean your device of any extra content that is slowing down its functions. With the first electronic device to start with in most homes is the computer, now this might vary depending on if the computer is a Mac or a PC. I happen to have started out working with Apple products when I live in Hawaii at the age of five. My computer skills through Microsoft certifications or Apple certificates are my proof and backing towards the knowledge to accomplish the task at hand. It can become frustrating towards solving any of these issues, however, maintain a positive attitude and just think it will shortly be over. These fixes have been applied through my friends computers along with my own, and is even used in the current working environment.
For a Mac; the Mac operating system automatically handles files up to 20 Megabytes after the file is saved; unless you edit the large file sizes such as videos, pictures in RAW format, this small part of the process is
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