My Counseling Goals

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My first goal was to be able to use basic counseling skills within my counseling sessions and working on learning more about creating appropriate treatment plans on my own. I did quite a bit of reading of books, such as treatment planners and also met with both of the Post Docs at my site to learn how they approach treatment planning. I was able to get some good insight on how my approach may differ from others and that this is okay. I learned that in this journey it is very important to know what theoretical orientation you are using to think about change.
In order to measure the progress of this goal, I have worked to develop a better understanding of the intake/interviewing process here at the PRACTICE and have been reviewing basic counseling
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In order to measure the progress of this goal, I have familiarized myself with the system and read about our outcome tracking systems at the PRACTICE. I have also learned the evidence base for them and why we use them at the PRACTICE. I have practiced my oral administration of our Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS)and I am currently feeling more comfortable administering it. I have also looked into the evidence based research for these measures and use them to help me to notice the differences in the scores more readily (e.g. asking my client’s what has been going on for them during the past week). Additionally, I am supervising an undergraduate student on a current research project at our clinic related to individual and group tracking to ensure how and why it is important for a clinic to have these measures in place, especially for telecounseling…show more content…
Depression and Anxiety group at the PRACTICE). This has been a very interesting experience and has been very beneficial for me. I am also going to get an opportunity to facilitate the Young Adult Group for a few weeks while someone else will be on vacation next month. In order to measure the progress of this goal, I have reviewed my group counseling textbook from last semester and watch videos that were recommended based on Yalom’s group teachings for about one hour every two weeks thus far. I have investigated the 11 curative factors so that I could write appropriate group formatted notes. Also, I have joined a research project at our clinic related to individual and group tracking that will better our clinics group program. I have worked with one of our Post Docs and my undergraduate supervisee to explore how group outcomes and tracking can be implemented in a clinic, such as the PRACTICE. The expected outcome was that I would understand the process group dynamics and the 11 curative factors further. I have done so this far and am continuing to better understand what it would mean to track group experience in my current research project at the clinic. This also has helped me as a counselor in training to see if what I am doing is working within the group setting. By doing my own research I can see, which measures work best within the group setting and
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