My Degree At Ashford University Essay

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I chose to continue my education and pursue my degree for my Bachelor Degree in Business. The reason I decide to continue my degree was to further my career. I wanted a career in recruiting to help organizations recruit well qualified individuals find a job that they will appreciate and feel needed. Another reason, like many others, to build a better life for my family and also be able to provide my two boys with the financial resource to pursue their college degree when its time. This is the reason why I chose to return back to school at Ashford University. In 2010, I graduated with my associates degree in Computer Networking Systems. After the completion of my degree, I went to work for a small pediatric clinic to help implement a new Electronic Medical Records. I stayed working for the company for 10 years. During this time, I seen many employees come and go and the company had a hard time finding good staff. This is when I realized that I would like to pursue a degree to help organizations like this one find great staff that will love what they do and provide quality service. With a Bachelor’s degree I felt I would be able to pursue my goals and increase my changes with finding better employment along with increasing my changes for growth personally and financially. Prior to returning back to school, I needed to evaluate my current financial stands, my previous school expenses along with my potential new school tuition. Once weighing out of current debt to future

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