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My Diet From the information in the Wiley Iprofile, I can deduce that my daily diet is very unhealthy. I have many things that I must change to ensure proper health. Most of the foods that I intake include have a decent amount of carbohydrates but according to my DRIs, I need to include more in my diet. My levels of proteins in the foods that I eat are nearly perfect; I need to keep the amount of proteins in my diet the same while trying to increase many of the other nutrients. My total fats and lipids show that I am taking in 80 percent of the necessary amounts. Macronutrients Intake Maintaining the proper amount of macronutrients in the diet is extremely important to the overall health of a person. Macronutrients can be described as…show more content…
Every type of food we intake whether it be carbohydrates, lipids, grains, or proteins is needed by the body. Too much or too little of these items can have dramatic effects on the body. Carbohydrates are one example of an item that can hurt you if you have too many or too little in your diet. Too many carbohydrates cannot be burned off by the body and are transferred into fat or expelled from the body, too few do not allowed for energy. Lack of a certain nutrient or too much of one, both can lead to a form of malnutrition which is not limited to too little nutrients. The human diet is complex and must be maintained properly to ensure the human body runs at peak performance. There are many different References Demand Media Inc.. (2012). Effects of too little carbohydrates. Retrieved from Minocha, A. (2012). Whole fruit versus fruit juice. Retrieved from Demand Media Inc.. (2012). What will happen if your diet lacks lipids?. Retrieved from
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