My Dream Of My Life

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In the past few years, my life has become an emotional battleground. From ‘friendly’ discussions about my future to those questions every student loves to hate, like ‘what do you want to do when you grow up’, or my personal favorite, ‘your degree is in what? Are you sure it will help you be gainfully employed?’. I was being pulled in a handful of directions at a time, and everyone wanted to know answers to these philosophical questions, as though I was the All-Seeing-Eye, or a psychic and could give them all of the right answers. Most of the time I can escape the mob unscathed, but there have been a few instances where my dreams that night turned into nightmares of disappointing my family, becoming poor (well, poor-er), or even the hated one of showing up to graduation and being told that my degree was not valid there and getting kicked out of the gymnasium. As a kid, I loved math class. I had the best grade in my class, tied with my best friends, and nothing really changed once I got to high school. I learned how to blend in with the smart kids, while still appearing ‘approachable’ to those who needed help in Calculus or Trigonometry. I wasn’t the smartest any more, but I liked it that way. It took most of the pressure of being the best off of my shoulders. I liked making the numbers come out right, how there was always a correct answer. This was how I dreamed my life would end up. With steps that would eventually lead me to the correct answer. And no big deal if I didn’t

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