My Educational Path, Internship Experience, Community Involvement, And Academic Motivation

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In elementary school, I developed a passion for programming. However, I was discouraged by my parents, who believed that "programming was only for men." In spite of their discouragement, I still enrolled in CSE 120 because I felt inclined to revisit my long lost interest. Although I did well in the course, I stayed hesitant to follow my programming passion because of my parent 's stereotype of Computer Science still lurked in my mind. It was the encouragement from Professor Snyder, who said "You can certainly 'do ' CS", and the effort of the Computer Science program to promote women programmers that pushed me to ignore my parents ' belief and pursue this major. With the goal of entering the Computer Science field in mind, I strived to become a competitive candidate. My educational path, internship experience, community involvement, and academic interests helped me foster the qualities valued by UW 's Computer Science program: creativity, leadership, and teamwork abilities.

I was offered enrollment at UW through the Robinson Center 's Academy Program for Young Scholars, an early entrance program permitting high school sophomores to skip their remaining two years of school to enroll in college. Even though starting college at the age of 16 intimidated me, I stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted this opportunity. Initially, I struggled to adjust during my first quarter, especially when I failed my first MATH 124 midterm. After some self reflection, I realized that my

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