My Educational Philosophy Essay

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My Educational Philosophy

"Let experience be your teacher. Let challenges be the test of life!" ~Unknown

Education is an experience that without a doubt no one can avoid at least for a while. While this process should be positive sometimes it can seem more negative. People should not look back at their education and perceive it as a “bad” thing or a waste of time. Logically one would think that a person is entitled to their own opinion; however, the opinion of one’s education should never be portrayed as a negative one. Every teacher or educator, whether they realize it or not, has developed an educational philosophy probably starting at the time they became interested in the field of education. It is through this educational …show more content…

In addition to being a role model for my students, I hope that they will be able to me with problems and concerns.

I will motivate the students by bringing them the realization that education is important for a lifetime, not simply during their time in school. I want my students to understand the importance of education on their future and how being in school will not only help them intellectually. Today there are some people that do not take education seriously, and this can negatively affect their children. Also, there are many teachers out there that even have this negative effect on their students, and this is a very sad fact. I will never let myself take on this role in my teaching. I think most of this could easily be eliminated by just re-evaluating oneself and fixing the problem quickly.

Discipline is a major factor that determines the rate of learning in the classroom today. There are those students who want to learn, but sometimes can not do so because of the behavior and distractions of other students. I will not let this be a problem. I intend on being strict but understanding. In my years of education, I have experienced such problems. Many of these problems or interruptions could have been avoided simply by the classroom teacher gaining and maintaining control of his/her classroom. I believe when it comes to discipline I would say that I follow the idealist

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