My Personal Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

Becoming a teacher is going to be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Teaching was never a childhood dream for me like it was with others. Some people have always known that they wanted to become some type of teacher, but I never decided to until I entered college. I’ve always loved being around children and it makes me feel great to be able to help someone, so becoming a teacher is the perfect career choice for me.

I believe that the true nature of most students is that they like school and they want to learn. I also believe that the school and the teachers greatly influence their nature over the course of their schooling. I believe that this true nature changes for a lot of students because …show more content…

I believe that the more educated you become then the better you will feel about yourself and who you have become. Education is needed for survival in this world. This world is not always the happy place that we want it to be. The more educated you are then the better the chance of you making it through everyday life. Education is needed to help us communicate to each other. It makes me feel great when someone is discussing a certain topic that I just learned. If I had missed that day or not paid attention then I wouldn’t have any idea what they were talking about. Education is why mankind has become so successful.

What I want to accomplish most as a teacher is to give every child an equal chance to learn and to educate themselves. I really want to make a huge impact on the children that I teach. As they grow older, I want them to not only remember me but to remember me as a teacher who helped them and cared about them. The most important thing that I want my students to accomplish is to learn. I want them to like learning and to feel good about doing so. I want my students to know more when they leave my classroom than when they came in every single day. Most of all, I want my students to have a chance to make someone of themselves and to be proud of what they have accomplished.

My method of teaching involves using a lot of discussion along with in-class activities. My objective is to make learning fun for the

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