My Experience At Dunkin Donuts

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Everybody remembers his or her first job most likely not every detail, but definitely the experiences one learned. My first job had its ups and downs similar to a roller coaster. Being a Dunkin Donuts employee is a satisfying feeling because daily you’re surrounded by not only coffee but delicious donuts. My experience as a Dunkin Donuts employee taught me patience and the importance of being a hard worker. First, I understood the importance of patience because a cup of coffee is made every second. I started my first day at Dunkin Donuts on a Saturday and quickly learned how busy the weekends can be. I woke up feeling real nervous that morning. I felt even more nervous knowing my parents decided to wake up early as well. “Mom why …show more content…

Although now in days we laugh about it every day. Several days, into working I forgot to turn the burner on for Decaf coffee and I had to remake several drinks. Luckily the customer didn’t mind waiting. Instead, he asked “How do you pronounce your name?” Honestly, every customer asked about my name. Usually, every conversation at the cash register or drive-through involved a discussion of my name origin or pronunciation. Although, I learned more than the intentions at Dunkin Donuts because I learned the importance of patience through learning. Yes, this includes having patience in endless conversations customers usually like to have with me. In the time, I realized the importance of being a hard worker. Several months into working at Dunkin Donuts, I decided to quit. I had in mind working several months until I started college in the Spring. “James I need to tell you something.” I said to my assistant manager. I remember it being late at night that evening. “I start college next week and I believe this week is my last.” All right, I will let Sharon know.” he replied. “Although know if you leave, you will be missed” he added. I felt extremely upset with my decision because James told me earlier her mother-in law passed away several days ago. I felt guilty maybe resigning could stress her more out. He texted her right away. James showed me the text, Mrs. Sharon replied to him “Aw! I don’t want her to leave! But, I

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