My Experience At High School Classroom

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Key Assessment Education 2130 Throughout my observation hours that I completed at South Forsyth Middle School, I learned many things that I can apply to my classroom when I become a teacher. I was cultured inside of the classroom to many new techniques and teaching styles that will be beneficial for my career that is to come. I experienced the classroom in a wide variety due to the different environments I witnessed during my time observing. Taking my experiences from the broad array of students, I now feel more prepared for what lies ahead in my teaching career.
My time at South Forsyth Middle School gave me experience with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The students ranged from on-level art students to advanced year-long students. I came across a trend of endless opportunities within the classroom for the students. If the students came across a technique or type of artwork that they wanted to try, the school and Ms. Wood made that happen. She had high school teachers and college professors present their studies and beliefs to the students in order to widen their perspectives and outlook on the art community. For example, they had the opportunity to watch a high school teacher come and create pieces of pottery on the wheel. This can almost give students a sense of motivation, encouraged them to look past art as they know it, and see the beauty of art from someone else's perspective.
I have completed my field hours in a middle school environment. I observed 6th, 7th, and

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