My Father's Work : Midwest Molding : Personal Experiences And Employing

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My dad works at a place called Midwest Molding, the employees over there works by checking and making car parts. There is one and only single building, but it’s enormous from outside and from the inside too. There are approximately 50 big mechanic machines that builds car parts in various different sizes. It is not the easy job nor it’s hard, only a person’s individual behavior could define the job from own experiences. Many things need to be aware of while working in a place like that because the employees never know when their work goes bumpy. Ultimately, all that things that need to keep in mind while working are to focus on the tasks, keep things organized so more space can help move freely and last but not least, collaborating with …show more content…

Not telling that he’s sick to anyone was a huge mistake because he thought he could lift up few heavy rectangle boxes. Imagine heavy boxes with lots of heavy car parts, now one could’ve lifted the boxes in bad condition. Turns out he dropped the last box full of good car parts. Later he was called at the manager's office and had to explain how that happened, learning a lesson showed a way to manage most of the problems. It is a fact that there is no way of learning things without any mistakes. The three mental or physical skills are needed in order to perfect this job are focusing, organizing and collaborating. These three skills are most important in this kind of work, it helps one's ability to control their body for benefits. First, focusing can change one’s opinion on something that is not interesting, knowing that working for seven hours and doing nothing except working the person could over do it. Teaching patience to the brain could really come in handy in many situations, it helps focus, sharpens memory, etc. Second, organizing things around can allow the person to move freely and could save time, people will start respecting. It also shows how much the person is capable of doing things. Keeping the place neat and clean makes a person enjoy while working because of the less stress on mind the more energy to work. As for my dad, he kept every thing organized and had no problem figuring out which car part goes in which

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