My Favorite Family Traditions

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Many families have traditions that they do every year and many families don't. Other families don't have traditions to do for a holiday or even on a day. My family is one of the families that have dozens of family traditions. We have traditions in almost every single holiday. We have traditions in Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Some of our family traditions aren't even on a holiday some are on days of the week. My favorite family tradition I love the most to do with my family is during Thanksgiving. My family and I enjoy Thanksgiving a lot out of all the traditions we do every year. I always have fun spending time with my family during this time of year. One of the favorite family traditions my family does is around Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving we all help out in the kitchen and make dinner. Every Thanksgiving we have it's either at my Grandma's house or our house. My Grandma always makes the pies the bread and the greens. I remember last year my Grandma didn't finish making the greens, we almost got sick but my aunt Alisha fixed them Before we could get sick. My mom and I season and make the Turkey while My Aunt Alisha makes the yams. The yams are really good at making yams they are amazing. While we are cooking in the kitchen my sisters play some music so we don't get bored in the kitchen.Meanwhile,e my little brother is outside with the younger kids playing basketball and other games. My Uncle Randy goes out and gets plastic plates and

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