My Favorite Science Memories From Elementary School

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I have always known that STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, but I have never thought about what it means to me. Even if you do not pursue a career in STEM, you are still around it everyday. In the third grade when we were learning about the planets; we made a mobile representing all of the planets and had an acronym to remember them in order. Another one of my favorite science memories from elementary school was when we learned about the water cycle. We learned a song to go along with it. I still remember the song and will never forget the water cycle. My elementary school had a science lab that each class visited once a week. We did experiments like making ice cream (which we were not allowed to eat) and …show more content…

I loved to play in the math arcade at school and at home. Once we were introduced to Microsoft PowerPoint, I fell in love. I would spend hours on our computer making different slide shows. I took a computer class from elementary though ninth grade. In tenth grade, my school became one-to-one, and we all received iPads. We started using them to take notes, read PDFs, and various novels. We had all the information we needed at our fingertips. Having iPads helped to improve my skills with technology. My junior year, I took digital photography and graphic design. I absolutely loved them. We learned to use all aspects of Photoshop. My favorite project that we did was taking our pictures from digital photography and making them into a book for graphic design. I took the skills I learned junior year and applied them to my Yearbook class during my senior year. It was so much fun to creatively use technology to create the yearbook. Since coming to college, the technology I have used has mostly been limited to writing papers and taking notes on my laptop. Outside of school, I use technology everyday with my computer and phone. Over winter break, I spent hours with my neighbor helping her transfer and organize pictures from her phone to computer. This task seemed so simple to me, but very daunting to my neighbor. Technology skills come so naturally to my generation because we’ve grown up with computers. My memories of engineering mostly take place in middle

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