My Favorite Theory, Anger And Happiness, By Paul Ekman And Wallace Friesen

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1. Physiological Specificity. This theory suggests that with each emotion we have, there is a physiological response that is either the cause or caused by our emotions (page 121). In accordance with this theory, anger and happiness are distinguishable by the different physiological components active during these emotions. It also suggests that by changing our physiology slightly we can also help to alter how we feel our emotions. This was my favorite theory that we learned about over the course because it is something that I will be able to use to help me in the future. As an aspiring pediatrician, I am going to have to go through medical school and I have a tendency to overwhelm myself. By knowing that our emotions and our physiology are linked, I know that I can help to calm myself down before an exam by smiling, or trying to lower by heart rate through meditation. Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen found that when participants were employed in a directed facial action task, their bodies showed differing responses (page 121). For instance, when arranged to have an angry expression, heart rate and finger temperature were very high. This was different then the response to fear because even though it also had a high heart rate, the finger temper was very low (class 9/28/2015). This was also shown in studies done on the blush, by an observed increase in the blood flow to the cheeks and ears (class 9/30/2015). This along with studies on posture, push/ pull, and pen
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