My Field Of Computer Science

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I have always been fascinated by the field of computer science, and that led to me pursuing a degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University (NCSU). While at NCSU I had the chance to work under a computer science professor and learn a great deal from him. As a result of my prior research experience I believe that I will be a perfect fit for this Research Experience. Research has been an essential part of my academic life, and doing research has both increased my critical thinking, and provided me with opportunities to learn, and effect a change. Doing research has helped me understand what to expect from a career in the computer science field, prepared me for a future in computer science. Last year and a half I have built a network of professional connects, and learned to solve difficult and complex problems, and I want to continue that with this Research Experience.
My first exposure to research was when I joined EnvironMentors, a science and environmental science based mentoring program funded by the National Council for Science and the Environment. After joining the club in sophomore year of high school, I had the chance to work with and receive mentoring from two graduate students from West Virginia University(WVU). During the course of the year I worked on coming up with a hypothesis to research, designing an experiment, collecting data, writing a short paper, and creating a poster. The title of the research was ‘’ Low pH effects on Allegheny Crayfish
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