My Goals In My Life

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What I plan to accomplish in my life? Well, there’s a few different things, that will make a everyone see my version of “a bigger picture”. At this very moment I am in my freshman year of college. A small step so far, kind of just testing the water, it’s only week 2. Although, this is step 2 of 3, on my way to my bigger picture. My first goal I plan on accomplishing, is getting a good education, which will lead me to my second goal that I plan to accomplish. My second goal that I plan to accomplish will be to obtain a position at my dream job. Last but not least, my third goal I will accomplish will be, to be known for something life changing. Something that when people hear my name or see my face they will remember the amazing thing I did, to make a change and/or a difference in the world. My first accomplishment will be to have an outstanding education. I went to a high school that was lacking in their education department, for my Freshman and Sophomore year. I strived like no other student in my class. I then moved and went to a different high school on the other end of the spectrum, so some would say. I didn't excel as well as I did in the beginning, but I soon realized the work wasn't the same. The education value was different. I came to this realization and put my best foot forward and put all my effort and time in to make sure I made the same grades. This time it would actually mean something to me, because there was a challenge. Graduation day came, and I was

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