My Interest On Medicine Stems From Family Experiences

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Personal Statement

My interest in medicine stems from family experiences. My grandmother suffered from Parkinson’s disease for most of her life and required constant care. Helping my grandmother with simple tasks like eating breakfast, or helping her up the stairs was a humbling experience. This experience drove my curiosity about the human anatomy, specifically the brain and how it is treated, which led to the realisation that, for me, a satisfying career would involve helping others. A career in medicine will allow me to combine these motivations, and to gain knowledge that I can use to serve more people than just my family.

I recall visiting the neurologist with my grandmother and realising that she experienced differing levels of tremors according to her nervousness. I also took from this experience the extraordinary will-power and infectious love that she expressed through her never-ending smile and warmth; at this point one would forget that she was ever a Parkinson’s sufferer. The consultant who treated my grandmother took the time to listen and showed compassion and interest in his patient. I also observed how the successes of field research can influence the development of treatments for such diseases as Parkinson’s.

Inspired by my grandmother’s fight against her condition, I experience working alongside a neurological consultant at John Radcliffe Hospital. There I witnessed functional surgery on the brain for alleviation of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

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