My Intern Experience

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As I get closer to saying goodbye to Ireland, I cannot help but to reflect on how much I have been able to take away from my experiences. In the months leading up to coming to Ireland, I could not have expected to learn as much as I did. When I first arrived in Dublin, I could not have imagined I was going to learn as much as I did. I had a narrow view of what Irish culture was going to be like. My intern experience in the Irish culture was better than I expected. Ireland has changed me as a person and I am confident that I am leaving Dublin with a more open-mind, and as more well- rounded individual. One of my main reasons for coming to Dublin was to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am an only child, and I’ll be the first to admit I am babied. I only go to school an hour away from home, so I go home quite a bit. I see my parents as often as I want at home. Because of this, I thought going abroad was important for me …show more content…

I was expecting to only be around Irish people. One of the biggest shocks was how many different nationalities call Ireland home. The vast amounts of culture in Ireland really can be seen throughout the city of Dublin. I loved going to the markets and different ethnic restaurants. I think the diversity aspect slipped my mind before I came to Ireland due to the lack of diversity in my hometown. My town has mostly Italian roots and there really is no diversity. Because of this, when I thought about Ireland I never considered other cultures were going to be part of my intern experience. I am very glad that other nationalities are such a big apart of Ireland’s culture, because it made my experience here more culturally enriching. It opened up new doors and helped me make lasting friendships. It also was an eye opening experience to see how different cultures work together and interact. The interactions made me realize that I am more similar to other cultures than I would have

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