My Love In My Life

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Dear family, mother, father, dearest grandmother, and beloved cousins, if my misfortune is your happiness, then I'll gladly suffer. If my wails at night are music to your ears, then I’ll write you a symphony. If my blood, sweat, and tears keep you shining, then I’ll bleed you an ocean. To my family of whom I would do anything for, if the Hannah Pham in front of you doesn't meet your standards, then, I’ll gladly see her out.
Almost every Asian child is taught the most fundamental principle of our culture, to keep your family as your number one priority. I am no exception, I was taught to keep family in mind when making actions or making decisions. My life choices would have to either benefit my family, or they would be predetermined by my family themselves. I learned to prioritize my love for my family more than anything else, and I refused to make room in my heart for anyone else. At the age of 8, most kids are getting tucked in by their mommies and daddies, getting goodnight kisses, listening to bedtime stories, and concluding their blissful nights with heartfelt exchanges of “I love you”s. Meanwhile, I lied in bed with my family telling me what I’m going to do with my life; I will give them a place to stay, I will give most of my money to them, I will marry someone rich, I will become a doctor, I will be pretty and feminine, and I will dedicate my life to helping them.
Being a child, I didn’t understand what it all meant, all I knew was that they would be happy if I

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