My Moment In My Life

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Garth Brooks sang “our lives are better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, But
I’d have to miss the dance.” That sums up so many events that we experience in a lifetime. I think most people think of a joyful, exciting moment in their past. I, however, think of a beautiful, haunting memory of my first adult moment of losing someone close to me. I have been in my husband’s family since I was about 15 years old. Watching a family unit function as one was an odd sensation. Standing, watching brothers and sisters, a mother and father was foreign. I felt like I was watching an almost made up t.v. show. I was from a home made up of a single parent (until later in life), and my aunts, uncle, and my loving grandmother.
My future father in law was a man of many faces. He could be hilarious, sitting on the patio smoke in hand, telling a dirty joke. I would be doubled over with laughter. He could also be stern. I saw more of that later when he would scold my son when he had done something not becoming of a little man. I had seen the sorrow in his eyes the day his father past away. He seemed to be sad and relieved at the same time over that event. I never realized how close we had become over the years. It hit me like a blow to the stomach when my sister in law phoned and told us to meet them at the V.A. hospital. Bad news was on the horizon. Sometimes you just feel the cold, dank, depressive air and know life is about to change forever. There in that

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