My Nightmare Short Story

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Living my nightmare. I am a sophomore at Sacred Heart University In Fairfield Connecticut. My home is Trumbull Connecticut. I had dreams to adventure as far away as possible for school. I had dreams of traveling and seeing the world and using my education as my excuse. But, I am a commuter at Sacred Heart University and travel all of 12 minutes to get from my home to my education. How all my dreams to get away came spiraling down is my story. My college story did not begin 12 minutes away from home. My story started off as pursuing my dream of traveling, even if it was only three hours from home. I spent one semester, four months, in which I thought was my dream. I am independent, I am spontaneous and I am adventurous, or so I thought. Living my “dream” was the only way I found out that I was small and shy. I was an outcast-- how terrifying. I started at Seton Hall University, in South Orange New Jersey, where I found out that living my dream meant living with four other girls, that sucked. I was used to living with one other girl in the room, my sister. But that is my sister and who cares if she liked to sleep with the TV on, I was turning it off and would fight with her about turning to back on with no shame. But, I was living with unfamiliar hair swimming in the shower I was supposed to get clean in. I was able to smell disgusting smells from the bathroom while laying in my perfume sprayed room. I had strangers (my roommate's friends) watching me while I “slept” when I
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