My Nursing Philosophy, And My Philosophy Of Nursing

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Upon reading the title of this paper, one may ask themselves why it is termed “take one.” As I have learned in many of my freshman year classes, everything in life exists on a continuum; from health, to the completion of psychosocial tasks, to one’s opinions on various moral issues, nothing can be succinctly and eternally summarized, especially not at the juvenile age of eighteen. For this reason, what follows is the first take of my own personal nursing philosophy, one that is not only prone to change but will enact an evolving bidirectional influence on my nursing practice, that is, as my practice changes, so will my philosophy, and vice versa. The four parts of the metaparadigm of nursing are person, environment, health, and nursing. Each of these areas requires special attention before a full nursing philosophy can be formed. To me, a person is anyone with the biological construction of a human being, regardless of disability, health, or age. Every person deserves basic respect which should be reflected in nursing. That being said, within nursing, it is important that the person being treated is not always exclusively the patient. Anyone with close to ties to the infirmed must be considered in the nursing process and treated with dignity. Their opinions, feelings, and needs must be considered, but the patient is the driver of their treatment and has the final say in any action. When considering what I would expect from a nurse treating my family members or me, I am
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