My Passion In Social Work

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My passion for helping the vulnerable is one reason I’m inspired to become a social worker. I also want to be available to assist people in need, as well as provide support to those who have nowhere else to turn. My experience in social work has taught me to celebrate the small victories towards positive changes. I believe this to be my legacy to the people I’ve worked with, and I’m ecstatic to be able to keep it going. I look forward to gaining the skills and knowledge to aid me in becoming a successful social worker.
Providing social services can sometimes be a difficult task, with uncertainties and challenges. The codes of ethics are a set of core values for social work professionals. It is important for a social work professional to understand the ethics of social work in order to make ethical decisions. In this, a social worker must provide quality unbiased service. Professional social workers should always treat each person with dignity and respect. Understand the importance of human relationships, maintain integrity and competence. In …show more content…

It has always been my passion to help them manages their episodes. Growing up witnessing these episodes I always knew that I wanted to help those who are struggling to cope with mental health issues. Social work isn’t just a passion of mine but a solution to the struggles many people face every day. I have come to believe I received my “caring and compassion” for others, from my mother. My early experiences were definitely a driving force for me pursuing my master’s in social work. As a child, my mother took in adults, children, and families within our neighborhood and afar to aid them in difficult times. Whether it was for a meal, a night, or longer, she has spent her life caring for others. The passion my mother possess for helping others have become my

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