My Personal Classroom Philosophy Essay

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Section 1: Personal Classroom Philosophy My Classroom philosophy has been heavily influenced by a plethora of literature that I have analysed whilst undertaking my degree. However, I believe my practicum experience has helped me apply my knowledge in a classroom context. My personal classroom management philosophy maintains the notion that all students have equal opportunity to learn, and teachers ought to accommodate students of all backgrounds and abilities with the best possible education to ensure they achieve success in their learning. This is achieved through the utilization of stimulating, thought provoking learning environments that are holistic and considers the students’ intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological and social development. A combination of teaching, child development and motivational theories are imbedded in this personal philosophy, by having sound knowledge of varied theories, and drawing upon each unique perspective, teachers are able to apply a dynamic approach that considers the student as a whole. This personal philosophy recognised that student’s physical abilities and maturation levels pose limitations on what students can achieve. However, teachers that have understanding in student’s biological dispositions are able to use children’s ‘natural inclinations’ to generate stimulating lessons, and can make informed choices on their lessons and teaching instruction. (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010) Jean Piaget’s Cognitive-Development Theory [CDT]

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