My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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As I journey through life, I have come to reckon with the saying that says “treat everyone the same way you want to be treated”. My point that I want to explore in this paper is my personal nursing philosophy that I have in mind to walk with in the path of my nursing career. Nursing encompasses more than just administering medications or following a prescription order. Nursing is also more than carrying out assessment on patients; nursing is rather the focus of delivering patient care that is not just about care but more about the quality of care that is pertained to the needs of each patient.
Nursing’s nature is embedded in the service to humanity and this is what I intend to convey in my nursing path. My nursing philosophy entails caring and relating with patient in a way that dignifies their personality while utilizing my knowledge that has been acquired through my nursing degree. In this paper, I’ll be exploring the choice of nursing, the essence of nursing, beliefs and values, and my vision for the future.

Choice of Nursing
Nursing is a profession that provides care, comfort and total support for the population that we care for. Nursing gives me the opportunity to be someone’s advocate, someone’s caregiver and some that patient could trust and rely their health on. I chose career in order to be involved with my community by being a supporting shoulder to someone in time of need. Nursing is always changing and thereby more opportunities to shape and
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