My Personal Statement On My Life

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It crazy how a minute detail can change the entire outcome a situation. Life has many hardships, I for one believe that it is these hardships that shapes us into what we are today. I was about ten years old but had the mentality of a four year old boy. Mostly cried when I was denied a toy or grounded for being mischievous. Like every other week I would grind my way into emotionally blackmailing my parents to allow me to go to my friends place and then go the extra mile to stay as long as possible. Every week was the same until 15 November 2005 what’s especial about this week you ask well it’s a week before my birthday plus the last week my parents can call themselves rich. This year I was about to turn 11 and I wanted a huge party. Well for me that was inviting all my friends to McDonalds I called it my paradise. The day before the big day my dad came to pick me up from school and as I sat in the car knowing my irrational behavior he locked the car and told me that I could not have my birthday in my paradise due to some technicality with the booking. I was furious, for me it was the end of the world I was extremely embarrassed because I had flaunted in front of everybody I made eye contact with. My friends expected those cute little cards which had a hidden clown in them that jumped out as soon as one opened it. It was like I was left at the altar. Sounds extreme but I was 10 year old trying to jump towards his teenage. To make it up to me my dad took me out for some

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