My Philosophy on Education

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My Philosophy of Education

I think when I made the decision to become a teacher I was not thinking the seriousness of this decision. When we become teachers we also become the molder that will shape our student to be successful in life. But when you decide to become a teacher in a Christian school you are not only shaping this student to be successful in life but we are also shaping their Christian mind to do things with a feeling knowing that they are shape and where made by the image of God. As a future teacher, I know that I have to embrace my students the way they are the way that my God created them and help them to explore this world through their life, their faith, and to challenge them to do things outside of themselves. I also need to help them to find their passion for learning and to make them realize all the gifts and skills God has given them that they can use in every area of their life. I also plan that since I will be working at a Christian school I want to make sure that my students will learn not only about phonic, math or history but I intend that they will learn about our God through this courses, too.
Worldview or Philosophy of Life As teacher we have to see that our school is our mission field where we not only are going to keep the role as an educator but we also have to get to know our students so that we can find a way on how to impact our student’s spiritual life. My main goal is to see my students know God because even when we are working at a

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