My View Point On Education

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After going through this class not only do I have a different view point on education as a whole but I also appreciate the education that I have been lucky enough to have. Yes, I have had days and maybe even weeks during my years of schooling where I have wanted to quit and never sit in a classroom again. However, after going through this class I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to appreciate all the opportunities my education has given me because not everyone has what I had as far as schooling. An education is so important and to realize that not everyone is able to go or not get a decent education makes me sad. I went to preschool, which as I got older seemed like many people did not do. I found out even later that some people did not even go to kindergarten. This is something you could consider deschooling, because “instead of putting kids in a structured school, they let their kids play all day and learn independently”. The only thing I remember about preschool is the snack time during the winter because one of the nuns always made this awesome soup that I loved. Another thing I remember is one of the girls in my class brought in her pet bunny I think maybe for show and tell, and I pet it and I broke out in hives and learned that I was allergic to rabbits. So as you can see preschool was obviously very educational for me. For my next education I went to Saint Damian Catholic School in Oak Forest Illinois. I went to this school from kindergarten till 8th

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