My Photographic Methodology And Research Practice On The Gulf Region

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In urban studies there is growing acknowledgement that ‘experience’ is configured and shaped by ‘temporality.’ My photographic methodology and research practice in the Gulf region has focused on how informal territorial appropriation allows individuals to claim a space as their own. As a result ‘temporality’ becomes an important structural component in forming and exploring ocular identity in Gulf cities. Amidst radical interventions at the macro-level new urban landscapes create views of the city imposed by specific architectural identities and synchronized municipal and rigid political structures. Therefore, these spaces organise and manage the spatial flow of inhabitants in cities. Nevertheless, on the ground the cacophony of …show more content…

The neighbourhood is in transition with many squatted and rented buildings condemned or demolished to make way for redevelopment. The private enclosed space of the Msheireb construction site, expands week by week and its border fence redefines open accessibility through old Al-Asmakh to residents and visitors. There are ongoing research discussions about regenerating or rebuilding existing buildings in this area and the social use of architecture. Please see: for more critical discussions about the structural change in Doha. The photographs and soundscapes within the series, ‘Disappearing into Night’ aim to enhance existing architectural research and expand the study of visual urbanism in Doha. Therefore, highlighting the fluid threshold between these private and public spaces by revealing permanent and impermanent traces of migration nestled within the changing architecture. The images made in 2013, 2016 and 2017 focus upon subtle imprints made by dynamic social infrastructures where people rest, worship and trade amid these vast construction sites: locales that appear to be silent yet in reality never sleep in the 24-hour sky glow enveloping the biosphere. Thus, at night in Doha, artificial light and built environment fuse together to

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