My Product 's Value Proposition

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Sales My product’s value proposition is due to several advantages my product offers. First off, my product is unique. There is nothing else like it. Six months after using the highlighter, the color fades by using a certain chemical in the ink and it leaves the book looking untouched. This is great for college students whose courses are normally only a semester long. This leaves the textbooks reusable and resalable. My product is great for college students because renting textbooks is the most common way students get them. With my product, students do not have to worry about ruining their textbooks and can still study everything they need to with the help of this efficient highlighter. The cost of my product would be reasonable for college students as well, most likely ranging from $3.00-$4.00, similar to my competitor, Sharpie; although, Sharpie’s pricing can range a little more on the high side for office supplies. My product; however, offers a feature that my competitor’s does not, which is the color fading in six months. My product and my competitor’s product offer some similar value proposition, but not nearly the same. Both of our products are offered at reasonable prices and serve the same purpose, to make information pop out so the user remembers whatever he or she highlighted. My competitor does have an advantage over my product in which their brand name is already well known to the public and is known to be trustworthy. Although my product is new and lacks this

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