My Purpose And Goals In My Life

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Are any questions you focused on in your life deep questions? I think that a lot of the questions I have concerning my life are deep questions: for example, I wonder if I will finish this program and graduate. I ask myself if I can have a great career once I obtain a college degree, and be able to provide for my family like I want. I also think about the fact that I have to repay my student loans and this has me worried because we have a new President that has made it clear that he does not care if students have a hardship or not we are supposed to live on nothing in order to pat back our student loans however, he has done nothing except undo so many programs that have helped millions of American citizens who are not able to afford insurance and many other things. I worry about my children and what kind of world they are growing up in as well as I have a desire to give them the things they want or need. To what extent are you questioning your purpose and goals? A very large extent: I ask myself about my goals and what I believe to be my purpose in this life affects my family and myself. I always questioned whether or not what I have planned out for myself and how it will both help and hinder me and my family. I know that if I want to continue to get ahead in life I must set goals for myself. Stepping stones to help guide me through what is possible: I also know that continuing my education will open several opportunities and hopefully, being financial secured for me. Like
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