My Purpose In Life

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What is your purpose in life? Many people can not answer this question or they simply don't know they answer to this. We are told from small children we must do excellent in school but, did anyone ever ask why. When we are teenagers we are told we must chose a career and be consumed by it. But, again did anyone ever think to question the things we were told or the things we saw others doing? If I ask someone why they go through schooling that they hate or why do they wake up at five in the morning to complain about it they rest of the day, what do you think these people would say? Well I can tell you, they would look at you like this is a dumb question and say “I need money for my mortgage”, “I have to pay my phone bill” or “ food isn't free”. What do these all have in common? Money. People base their entire lives around a currency in which they are fooled by society to think making money is their purpose or goal in life. Everything from the time we enter school until the time we graduate college is to prepare us for a career to bring home the cash. The idea money is our focus in life needs to be reformed. In the first place, in my years of witnessing many financial and life difficulties i've thought about this topic for numerous hours time and time again. I was exposed to this way of thinking ever since I was a young child and through the ages my conclusions have been edited and reviewed in my head through the experiences I had. The purpose of any persuasive item is to
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