My Reflection On The Cloud Computing

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Rigorous Self-Assessment During the course of this class, I believe that my positive attitude towards difficult situations has helped me overcome many problems. When I started my individual topics, I reviewed several similar projects from last year. After reading their reports, I gained deep understanding about the Cloud computing, but I was getting worried about what are some new materials I should include in my slices and my final report. I didn’t give up or get frustrated. Instead, I start doing research step by step. After several weeks I had done a lot of researches and read many academic papers, so I was able to narrow down my Cloud computing topic into a specific small area. And found a new perspective to introduce Cloud computing technology which is its applications in the agriculture industry. Finally, after many struggles, discussions and more research, I was being able to combine my studies and tell a logic story about the Cloud computing for Small and Medium enterprises. I myself also gained a deeper understanding about the Cloud technology. I really like how through this learning process I started out knowing nothing about a certain topic, but by the end of the semester I had become an expert on my topic and was able to share my knowledge with other people at the end of semester. In addition, the knowledge and research skills I gained from this experience will help me in the future whenever I need to learn new things. During the research process, I
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