My Resource And How It Supports Children 's Learning And Development

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Throughout this review I will be explaining about my resource and how it supports children’s learning and development. The resource that I have made is a book. The concept of my book is based on a fairy tale story. Throughout this essay, I will be answering why was the resource made, who is the target audience, because of the target audience what was prepared specially in the resource, what techniques will be used to make it engaging and fun, how it would support children’s learning and development and lastly produce an overall summary on how well I carried out my resource to my target audience. The reason why I have made a book based on a fairy tale story is because it would encourage a child to boost their imagination towards reading a book. A child’s imagination is unique and powerful, it is not only used to make up stories and game, however it is one of the main key factors to lead a child to have creative thoughts. Also it would teach a child the difference between right and wrong and help them to develop their critical thinking skills. This book is made especially for a 6-8 year old child to read, in this book I have made changes of the characters, such as instead of showing the three bears in the story, I have shown the three chickens in the story. This is what I have changed behind the making of the resource. The reason behind this is because I feel it would teach a child about the fact that fairy tales often include different cultures and ways of doing things. I

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