My Statement And Mysis For My Philosophy In Teaching

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Pursuing every available opportunity to teach at various levels of education has granted me the opportunity to interact with students at all stages of life, from basic school to high school and university, both in classroom and in one-on-one settings even internationally. With the view to improving and focusing on my own skills, my genuine goal is to bring this experience, together with a commitment to continue learning and adjusting to my future career as a mathematics lecturer. As I develop my course contents, I seek to answer the following questions which forms the basis for my philosophy in teaching. How relevant is the ensuing topic? It is common for a student in a typical math class to raise the objection, “When will I ever need this …show more content…

In addition, I find it effective to have students’ present selected parts of the course material, or their solutions to relevant problems in front of their classmates. Not only does this give the presenter valuable experience in expressing her mathematical ideas to an audience, but also adds variety to the class, and helps encourage the rest of the class to think critically about the material presented (since it comes from a less ‘authoritative’ source). This builds the ‘can do’ spirit in all my students. Counting on the success of my days as a mathematics student, I can the best way for students to learn math is to do math. Relevant and instructive assignments and projects are naturally integrated into all my courses. I follow up on this by working out examples in class in order to showing problem-solving techniques, and making mistakes, getting stuck and trying different strategies. This combination of the theoretical and the practical brings a mathematical concept to light. On several occasions,

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