My Views On Our Values And Our Culture Essay

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We all view the world around us through glasses that colors or distorts what we see. Our view is influenced by our values and our culture. These two influences are always battling one another because the world around us is constantly changing and challenging our values and beliefs. A persons’ worldview is affected by many of which can include characteristics, background experiences and life situations, the values, attitudes, and habits they have developed, and many more. Therefore, even though some elements of a worldview may be, it is different for each person. Post-modernist believes that, man cannot know anything absolutely. We have only limited knowledge. What we call 'reality ' or 'truth ' is only an individual or community interpretation of what exists. Each interpretation can be just as good as another although conflicting because each interpretation satisfies the felt needs of that person or community. Thus, man constructs truth rather than discovers it, and there is no objective good or evil. Cultures come and go. However, the thinking in a culture affects the next culture and the way people think. Postmodern culture influences our thinking by telling us life is chaotic, the world is complex, and reality varies from person to person. There are no absolutes. Political correctness has replaced historical objectivity. Our morals and choices should be based on “feelings.” Environmental extremism and anti-humanism is widely accepted and style over substance is

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