My Work-Content Skills

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Think Skills Gained Coursework Work-content skills Work content skills are the defined skills associated with an occupation or job. Work content skills are acquired through previous experience, hobbies, education, life experiences, and volunteer or community activities (Austin, 2005). Evidently, work content skills are important in my career. They are the defined skills I must possess in order to accomplish my duties and responsibilities as a communication manager. Coupled with my work and life experiences, my employer will find that I am the best candidate for the position of communication manager in the organization (Norma, 2009). Other valuable work content skills include teaching departmental employees potential job skills and managing finances. These skills are specific to my task. I must have these skills in order to accomplish my managerial job. Work content skills are also vital in other areas such as computer programming. For example, a computer programmer should have knowledge of how computers are programmed. On the other hand, a cashier must be aware of how the cash register operates (Austin, 2005). Personal attributes They are sometimes referred to as self-management attributes. Personality traits are the skill I employ every day in order to survive and get along with other employees and managers. These skills are the ones that make me unique. Some of my personality trait s includes: Efficient Organized Helpful Mature Adaptable Reliable
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