NBA Cares: Nonprofit Organizations

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Have you been looking to help someone in need? If so NBA cares a nonprofit organization should be at the top of your list of organizations you can go through to help those in need. NBA cares isn't just one organization its multiple under one common name. Some examples of programs NBA cares run are “hoops for troops”, “my brothers keeper”, and “NBA fit”. Based on this alone i think very highly of this program NBA cares. NBA Cares is a charitable cause to support because it's a platform that can't do wrong because the NBA won't risk losing their public image, they make sick kids dreams come true by meeting their favorite NBA stars and it's for a good cause because they make sick children days better. NBA cares was founded in 2005 by former NBA commissioner David Stern. As i stated before NBA cares has multiple programs they run but, they also fund other charities programs and not just their own. “Some programs they fund are Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls club …show more content…

Well the program that i've been telling you about this whole time of NBA cares really does fix these issues. When thinking about players like Len bias who were great that never had the chance to play in the league because of bad influence if NBA Cares was around in his time the chances of that happening are very slim. “NBA greats like Kevin Durant is a prime example of someone who chose his future over the streets due to NBA cares influence by teaching and showing basketball to underprivileged kids like him”( “In retrospect if you donate to NBA cares there message will reach further horizons meaning, less violence among kids who could be great and if these kids hear NBA cares message, for your donation you are insuring a fruitful life from the NBA with great upcoming

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